Our motto : 

All for the Glory of God!

Up to 1930, the Congregation did not have a blazon. Our approval by the Holy See placed us in the rank of a pontifical Congregation; therefore, a blazon became necessary. From 1928, one of the most competent heraldist of France was entrusted with the composition of our sheild according to our indications. He retained only the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which meant that he was wiser, more traditional and more noble to limit the representations to the Sacred Heart that comprise so many things.

This blazon reads thus :

"A field of blue with a golden head,with a red heart, surrounded with a circle of sand.

"The star surmounting our blazon represents at the same time,the most Holy Virgin, first Mother and Superior of the Institute and the faith that ought to guide souls in life.

The oak branches remind us of the country of origin of the Congregation : Vendée Angevine, a land of heroic battles for God and for the king, a country where the Christian faith is as strong as the oaks of the district.

The blue signifies  royalty, majesty, serenity;

the gold : richness, power,faith, purity, constancy;

the red : courage, boldness, intrepidity ;

the sand : science,  modesty, affliction






blason des FCSCJ















Always becoming better who we are : disciples of Jesus-Christ.