echoes of the general chapter

Second week

July 2013

A few echoes of the general chapter 2013


We continue to share with you this second week of the general chapter.


Saturday afternoon and Sunday July 13 and 14th 


Saturday afternoon and Sunday, it is the week-end, moments so very appreciated by the capitulars !  Free time ! It is nice to see them on the road, scattering according to the possibilities offered :

visit of sisters and friends,

going to the feast of the roses at Doué la Fontaine near La Salle de Vihiers,

visit of the monastery of Bellefontaine at the Cistercian monks,

Mass at Notre-Dame des Gardes and visit of the shop of the Cistercian sisters,

Some time in Angers,

Rest here at La Salle.

Again, on  Sunday, July 14th, we have not forgotten the French sisters. In order to commemorate the national feast, the General Council  offered to each one a pen marked FCSCJ, one which can be used as a flashlight… The Canadian Provincial gave some chocolate and, best of all, a surprise awaited us in the corridor at the reception : a big hen carrying in its heart – or in its belly – what it had for the sisters. What is it ? It is the heart of one elderly sister. She transformed it into several little embroidered mats or hearts which she shared with each of the capitulars, secretaries, translators… In the evening there was a good atmosphere when everything contained inside the hen was given out !


Monday July 15th

On Monday July 15th we resumed our work in a good mood During the whole day,Sister Martine Tapsoba, the superior general of the Sisters of the Assumption, coming from Burkina, shared with us her reflection on :

«Vow of Poverty, Solidarity, Sharing for which Fraternity ? »

having as a subtitle

« The richness of our poverty at the service of the fraternity».

Sister Martine developped a few lines of reflection and especially the Creed as the theological foundation of the vow of poverty, exactly what our Rule of Life says concretely about poverty.


Le chapitre général 2012 des Religieuses de l’Assomption a élu ce jour, mardi 17 juillet 2012

Sœur Martine Tapsoba, du Burkina Faso, 
Supérieure générale.

Elle faisait partie du Conseil général précédent.

Tiré du site des Soeurs de l'Assomption.


The work in commission and in assembly allowed the capitulars to share on their experience of poverty with very interesting and concrete questions.  In fact, if the vow of poverty is a sharing, what do we have to share ?
Here are the questions raised 

From the presentation, which are the elements to deepen ?

What are the main riches of our congregation ?

What is the gift that each province represents for the congregation ?

What are the riches that  would be important to highlight today and how ?  (1 to 2 elements ).



After the meal, the six commissions shared the result of their reflection.  Then there was  time to share our feelings after listening :

If you could see how full of hope and trust the sisters are!

Several feel encouraged to set out, to go on.

Others say they are happy with this return to our  spirituality, to the charism and the Rule of Life which revives the wish to live internationality. 

Some fears are also expressed in regard to the responsibility of continuing this mission. 


Reacting to this sharing, Sister Martine tells us the riches that she perceives and encourages us to give life to the very concrete words of our Rule of Life, actualizing them : to live with the others, by the others and for the others.


In the conference  which followed, Sister Martine insisted on the meaning of community under two aspects :

the community as mission and the community for the mission.

Thus she insisted on the fact that our mission is also to be fraternal in community. 

Our identity centered on the Heart of Christ is also a part of the points to keep in mind.  In order to develop the sense of belonging, it would be important to intensify the links of communication with the means available today


The  liturgical commission, faithful to its mission from the beginning of the chapter, helps the sisters to pray,  having the capitulars take part in the liturgy. 


Our internatinal colour already marks our prayer of praise.


Tuesday July 16th

On Tuesday morning we start the day with a meeting with Mr CHARRIER, the Director of the EHPAD  ( Hospital Institution for Dependent Aged People) «Living together» which consists of the Rose Giet House (a part of the Mother House), the Regina House at La Salle de Vihiers and another house near La Salle (La Jumellière), houses that belong to us.

It was a beautiful dialogue in which the director presented the EHPAD and especially the family spirit of the Daughters of the Charity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that he wants to keep in the management of these health institutions. He asked us what a chapter is and told us he was impressed by these 42 sisters, who are  working hard.  We were also able to ask him questions.

Notes about the EPHAD

After that, we returned to our commissions to rework the orientations. In the afternoon, we had some free time for prayer and reflection on the proposals coming from several groups (provinces, committees…) that we had  just received.  Then we met in assembly to discuss them.

Fraternity is felt more and more in the relationships, the commissions, the informal sharings, the decision - making…which reminded us of

«They will have only one heart and one soul.»


wednesday July 17th

On July 17th, we went in commission to study the proposals.  We had to make amendments if we felt it necessary.  The afternoon was spent on  voting  these amendments.


Thursday July 18th

On Thursday we had practically the same agenda with a little exception : at meal time  all the capitulars went as a group to  the Mother-House dining room to make themselves known.

Wholeheartedly received, they sang

 «All for the glory of God»

in two different languages as they went in on door and out the other.


EPHAD means "Establishment Homes for the Elderly Dependent"


Friday July 19th and Saturday 20th

On Friday and Saturday, we continued to work.  Whew !


The week-end is at hand and  we are going to rest a little. 


Thanks for your prayers which support us.

Together, with you, we are going to live the week of elections in faith and trust.



The information committee
Sister Edwige Rasoa,
Sister Yvette  Nutsougan
Sister Valérie Besin.


New General  Council

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General Chapter July 2013

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May your Love, Lord, stun us!