echoes of the general chapter

July 2013

A few echoes of the general chapter 2013

and of the few days at La Salle de Vihiers that preceded it


Friday July 5 th 

Having left Montgeron, the sisters of the general Council, the capitulars of the provinces

of Canada,
the United States,
the Republic of South Africa,
and West Africa

arrived at La Salle at the beginning of the afternoon. 



With the sound of the bells, they were welcome

by all  the sisters of the House that were able to move. 

Great joy of meeting again…


On July 6 th


Meeting took place with the delegates of associate members and partners in service of education and in medico –social service.  The morning was spent with the associate members, the partners from France and the sisters from the provinces witnessing on how the common project of evangelization is lived.  In the afternoon each province presented a work and the richness of the real-life experiences of the sisters with the people. 

It was a very enriching meeting for everyone with the sharing of the same charism and the wish expressed and felt to live the commun project of evangelization.


Through total adherence to Jesus Christ
reveal that He is alive.


By the cordiality and simplicity of our relationships with others,
witness that He is near.


By our willingness
to respond to the needs of others,

Announce that His Love is universal.


On July 7 th


The capitulars went on pilgrimage to La Fouquette, on foot or by car, to entrust the general chapter to Mother Marie. 

Group after group we prayed together in Mother Marie’s room under the leadership of  Sister Genevieve.

After the reading of the commitment of Mother Marie, we sang in different languages 

« All for the glory of God » and 

« The Sacred Heart  loved the souls so much ».



At 5.00 p.m. some sisters from the French Province, some friends of the Congregation and some inhabitants of  La Salle de Vihiers gathered round the capitulars for the opening celebration. 

A very enriching and touching celebration  whose main points were :

Opening hymn : To move forward together on the same road…

Proclamation of the gospel of the Transfiguration

Litany of the saints during the procession of the capitulars and all the participants to the tombs of the founders.


New General  Council

Echoes of the general Chapter second week

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May your Love, Lord, stun us!