to live

according to the spirituality

of sufficiency.


The vow of poverty:

solidarity, spontaneous sharing


"Lord, you are my fortune nothing else but you."
ps 16:2


Sur la route entre Mada et Amboitompoina

Like a pilgrim who lightens his/ her baggage, not to be encumbered in his/ her walking, we learn to be content with what is necessary, and to live according to the spirituality of sufficiency.


On the journey, we recognize Jesus in the multiple faces of destitution, suffering and misery, because detachment from material goods enables us to share freely with our brothers and sisters.

frangipanier à Vohemar, Madagascar




In considering religious life as a pilgrimage, we are continually invited to live today with who we are, our richness and our limitations, with what we have, our human, spiritual, economic resources, without excessive worry for tomorrow.



sur la route vers Ambohitompoina à Madagascar


«But I, in justice shall behold your face; on waking, I shall be content in your presence. Lord, you are my  delight.»     
Ps. 16: 2, 15



Our poverty enables
and sharing
with those in need.










We are unceasingly to live today with what we are.