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of sacred heart of jesus


 december 2015



In the night, we seek…




In the night, we seek… For the night is powerful during this Advent

and its allies are numerous:

violence, hatred, war, lack of respect, exclusion, economic crisis…

When will a living fraternal world arise?




When night insinuates itself into our lives.
We need the Light while keeping watch and not allow ourselves to be caught off guard,
We need the Light not to be condemned in the night.
We need the Light to carry on, trusting the future.



All these vigil lights invite us
to turn to the Light,

that it may transform this painful night
into a Living day,

and keep us awake, standing,
to march towards reconciliation. 

Let us become guards,
attentive to the many calls of our brothers.


Our Rule of Life FCSCJ :

"In these difficult times do acts of reconciliation;

the power of the Spirit acts in the heart of the poor".  RL 1.73

Rediscover, within us, the hidden sources of fraternity,

to offer friendship and respect,

to enlighten all the nights in the world.

In the light of Hope. 


But this Light has already come!

It is with us!  It is called the Word

He comes towards us desiring

to be one with us, and to reveal the Father….


“ in encountering the other,

with the Spirit of Christ we meet the Mercy of the Father…

The sufferings and the joys, the calls of our brothers come into our prayer” RL 1.60


Let us seek the Light, undertake the journey,
we must rise, listen to the Word, He becomes Flesh…

Take the path of Peace and Discover the Peace is our journey

During this season of Advent remain vigilant:

“ Prayer sustains us in hope and expectation

until that day when the whole of creation

will become the glory and praise of Go". Rl 1.70




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Let us seek the Light, undertake the journey!