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 february 2016


The traces of your passing




Lord, create in me a poor heart, unencumbered, open to the traces of your passing. 

Transform our gaze to recognize You among us.

On the day that Jesus was presented in the temple, as Mary and Joseph come to offer their child, Simeon and Anna by the depth of their gaze, recognize the child as a Light to the nations. 

Glory for the people of Israel.


Only the Holy Spirit can sharpen our gaze, so that in meeting others,

we encounter the Mercy of the Father,” RL 1.60 and then pray;


“my eyes have seen the salvation which you have prepared for us…

a Light revealed to your people.”…


Let us implore the Holy Spirit to grant His Light to all, to the most abandoned, those who await their deliverance.

“May the appeals of our brothers become our prayer,”


let us not fear to witness the Hope living in us, imitating


His compassion for all, He sacrificed Himself for them…Const.VII



“ I have before me your love



and I walk in your truth.”  Ps 26,3



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