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 february 2017


Welcome the Light of the Savior


On that morning what does Simeon see? As often happens, what he sees is a child approaching,held in his mother’s arms and accompanied by his father.

Nothing much out of the ordinary, Yet, in this child, Simeon recognizes God’s salvation coming right up to him: the Light of nations…

Urged by the Spirit. He opens his eyes to something ordinary, and for him, that is marvelous!
Lk 2:22-40

Simeon speaks in the Temple just like the prophetess Anna and all who await the salvation of Israel,

while Mary offers, gives, receives and brings back her Son in silence. Jesus’ silence has such an influence and deep impression on the spirit and heart of the Virgin that she is powerfully and divinely held and enraptured in silence.

During the whole infancy, we have only the knowledge of the Virgin’s conduct and of her dedication to her Son and to what was said about Him and his works:

”Mary faithfully kept all these things in her heart.

Lk 2:51b Berulle  OP



In our own daily life, how do we prepare for the Lord to approach us? 

In a flash of light, or in the simplicity of a native child? 

In extraordinary events of our lives or in the most ordinary, familiar events?


The most ordinary  of my life;

isn’t that where the Lord comes to visit me,

where He want to meet me as the Savior I have been given?


Ignited by the Spirit,

we too ask for the grace to allow His light to light up

our most “ordinary” days and reveal His face.



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A new Light permeates us !