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 january 2016


God, our Father, rich in love and mercy


At the beginning of this year, we will take the prayer of Cardinal Martini



“Oh God, our Father, rich in love and mercy, we want to pray to you with faith to find peace for the world, for the numerous places of fighting and of hate.



It is true, Lord, that we are responsible for the absence of peace, and this is why we Beg you to help and give us a humble, strong and sincere will to foster true relations of justice, liberty, love and solidarity in our personal and community life.


Earthly peace is a reflection of Your Peace that you give and confide to us, it takes birth in your Love for humans and our love for You and for all humanity.


Change our heart, send your Holy Spirit in us to convert us to You!



It is the Spirit that allows us to welcome this peace which surpasses our own horizons and becomes a firm and serious decision to love our brothers in such a way that the flame of peace resides in our hearts and in our families, our communities and mysteriously radiates to the entire world.

This Spirit that helps penetrate into our contemplation the mysteries of the Son.


the world, intercede for all the dispersed children throughout the world, scarred by violence, so that prophet Isaiah’s words be fully realized: ”Peace to those who are far and those who are near”, Amen”








Give us “Faith in our hearts, rooted in trusting Your love”

According to  J.M. Catroux



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A new Light permeates us !