Prayer Associate

daughters of the charity

of sacred heart of jesus


 june 2017


As Church, let’s continue our adventure

with Benedict XVI who invited us to experience God by

turning our gaze toward Jesus Christ.


« Contemplation of the pieced side of the Lord where flows blood and water (John 19 –34) helps us recognize the many gifts flowing from that source and opens to a deeper knowledge of the Heart of Jesus.

Faith, the fruit of God’s love, which we experience as a grace, as a gift of God.  But we can experience faith as grace only by accepting it as a gift from which we seek to live.

Let us continue to be open to love so that our life may be increasingly modeled by our faith.

God, who has poured out His love “into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which was given to us”(Rom. 5, 5) invites us tirelessly to be open to His love” 2006 – Gaze on the Heart of Christ.


“Our God is a God of human heart.”


May our prayer, placed in the presence of God, bear fruit in our daily lives.  Throughout our days, often heavy, let’s take time to be aware of the Lord’s presence, always ready to receive us, let’s dare to be in


His Heart, since He is in ours.


“Are you aware that you have two hearts, a big one and a small one?

The small one is yours, but the big one is that of our good Savior, which is still yours,
 since the Eternal Father gave it to you and He gave Himself to you.


So, it is through this adorable Heart that we must love God.  What do we do with the small heart? From here on say: ”My God I love you, but with and with all my big Heart…”

(St John Eudes)






Our God is a God of human heart!