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 november 2017


 All Saints : a call to every day holiness!





“All Saints is a feast of all those whom the Lord saves

because He knows their heart and finds in them a spark of His own love”...


Lord, you call all of us to holiness !


The holiness in the daily, made up of little actions,

of faithfulness, of little acts of compliance to the call of the Spirit,

which bring joy around you.


Rather than perfection, I choose holiness,

for it is God that gives it to me, it is given on my path at each moment.


Lord, a saint is an empty vessel that you fill with your grace,

which overflows with your love, of the Triune love!


So, Lord, I am an empty vessel with a bit of mud at the bottom. 

But you must have up there a celestial scouring powder...

but if you do not want me, Lord, I will not insist.


Consider my proposal, it is serious.


When you will go into your cellar to draft the wine of your Love,

remember that you have here somewhere on earth a little jug at your disposal.



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“Lord, you call all of us to holiness !