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october 2016


Prayer of St Bermard of Clairvaux (1090 – 1153)



“ For You Lord, Wisdom consists in playing the role of a basin and not of a canal. 

A canal sends almost immediately what it receives.  A basin, on the contrary, waits to waits to be filled before sending out without damage its overflow… Allow yourself to be filled by God before you share with others.”

“You are good, Lord, to the soul who searches you… but what are you to those who find you!


Bernard ClavauxAnd yet, strangely, no one can seek You without having found You.  You allow yourself to be found so that we may search You, and You want to be searched to let Yourself be found.  Amen. 

“ Mary, may we have, through you, access to your Son, you who had the pleasure of finding the grace to birth this life and salvation!

May your holiness bring forgiveness of our faults from Him, and from your humility, which charms God’s eyes, bring Him to forgive our vanity.

May your immense charity cover a multitude of sins, and may your glorious fecundity render us fruitful in good works.


To you, Our Lady, our advocate, reconcile us to your Son, recommend us, present us to Him; O blessed Virgin, by the grace you have found, through the mercy that you mothered, may Jesus, your Son and our Lord, grant us to share one day eternal glory and joy. Amen!



May Jesus, grant us to share one day eternal glory and joy!


Counsels of St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090) – (1153)


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You are good, Lord, to the soul who searches you !