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Paschal journey 2017


Jesus has an encounter with his people




On earth, Jesus has an encounter with his people. 
On the mountain, He has an encounter with His Father.


Taking our humanity, led by the Spirit, He has an encounter with each of us, blessed are we when we risk listening and gazing at Him, as he looked at each person encountered on his
“path of Christ Incarnate”.

“Touched by the grace of God, gazing on Jesus Christ, the beloved of the Father…” As have been JM Catroux and Rose Giet in their life! So are we invited to be: “touched by the grace of God”, to respond to the infinite love of this Divine Heart, so loving, so lovable”!

Yes, says the Lord, since man wanted to be like me, I will humble myself, I will be annihilated, and man will find salvation only in becoming like me and imitating me.


Instruction of JM Catroux



It is not easy to love with a profound love, from an authentic gift of self… This love can only be learned at the school of God, in the warmth of HIS Charity:In fixing our gaze on Him, in placing ourselves in perfect harmony with his Fatherly Heart, we become able to look at our brothers with new eyes, in an attitude of wantonness, of sharing, of generosity and pardon.  All this is Mercy!


All this is Mercy !


>It is from this love that today’s humanity must be inspired to confront the sense of crisis of meaning, the challenges of the most varied needs, especially the need to safeguard the dignity of each human person.  Therefore the message of Divine Mercy is, implicitly, also a message of the worth of each person.


In God’s eye each person is precious. 
For each one Christ gave His life,
the Father gifts all with His Spirit and offers access to His intimacy. 

St. John Paul II

This divine Charity is the virtue that Jesus recommended the most to his disciples,…
it became the mark by which they are known as His.

He asked it for all of them, with the beautiful prayer addressed to His Father on the eve of His passion.

He has also spread it through the Holy Spirit given in the heart of his faithful, as the Spirit of adoption of the children of God.


Constitution XII Of Father Founder, JM Catroux



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“ Jesus has an encounter with his peoples."