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 september 2017



Oh Mary, our Good Mother,

We implore your helps.





September’s liturgy, often invited us to turn to Mary;

we do not forget her… and let us pray for our brothers…

Put into Mary’s open hands the distress of all peoples.



Lord, those who do not know you,

those who are going through: violence… poverty,

sickness, lack of education, of work,

victims of war, of conflicts; hostages, the exiled,…


“Hail Mary, living tabernacle of the Divine,

where hidden eternal wisdom

wants to be adored by angels and by men.





Hail Mary, Queen of heaven and earth, of that empire where all is submitted to, all that is under God.

Hail Mary, secure refuge of sinners, where mercy has not failed anyone…

Oh my Sovereign, if you pray for me I will be saved; for you obtain all you want through your prayers; pray for me, majestic Mother of God, since your son listens to you and grants you all that you ask.

You have never abandoned anyone who had recourse in you. Oh Mary! I confide my soul to you, it is yours to save.

Grant me perseverance in God’s grace and love toward your Son and towards all.

I love you, oh my Queen! And I hope to love you always; love me, receive me and have mercy on me; do this for the love you bring to Jesus.

Consider the trust I hold in your mercy and never cease helping me in all my sorrows. I know that you will not fail in helping me, when I will recommend myself to you.

Help me at the hour of my death; that in my last breath, I pronounce your name and that of Your Son.


Extracts from Saint Alphonse-Marie de Liguori (1696-1787)





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Oh Mary, our Good Mother, We implore your helps.