Rose Giet,

a woman rooted in Love,

  the First Daughter of the Charity of

the Sacred Heart of Jesus .

orchidée,  Montgeron


«But by the grace of God, I am what I am,
and his grace to me was not without effect.» 

1 Cor. 15:10

«Our Lord  Jesus Christ was her whole life.  
He alone was the reason and the end of all her affection.» 
Jean Maurice Catroux

Vierge Marie« Mary, the servant of the Lord », such is the mother that God chose for himself ; such is the mother that Christ gave to all his disciples. We can understand that he humble Rose Giet, who thought herself only worthy to serve the others, who never looked for her own glory but only for the glory of God, we can understand that our Foundress had got a very great love for the Virgin Mary. She wanted to hide herself, so to speak, behind the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of the Church, appointed as the first superior of her whole Congregation. Thanks to Mary, who kept and meditated in her heart all the “states and mysteries” of Christ, we are invited to better fulfil our vocation of DCSHJ.”
The Daughters of the Charity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, p.53

During the first years of its foundation, the Congregation of the Daughters of the Charity of the Sacred Heart of  Jesus, started in La Salle de Vihiers, spread to diverse parishes of Anjou, of Poitou and the region of Nantes.

Communes de Vihiers

Coquelicots sur la route de La Fouquette


It is in the midst of the poor, that he will, one day, find the person he is searching for.

«You will find a good person in my daughter, my Rose» said Mrs Giet from La Fouquette, a farm four kilometers from the rectory.

Rose Giet
chose to consecrate herself to God under the name of Sister Marie.


engagement de Rose Giet, 18 décembre 1823


After a time of prayer and reflection, Rose accepts to take charge of the education of children. Her success was achieved at the price of arduous, painful going beyond self and an intense union with God.


Joindre les mains pour prier.


Gathered around Rose Giet, now known as Sister Marie, several young women, devoted themselves with her to the education of the young and caring for the sick in diverse poor parishes.

corbeilles de roses

Rose Giet , the first Daugther of the Charity of Sacred Heart of Jesus.