vitrail de la guerre de vendée, église de la Salle de Vihiers



oiseau, la becquée


The Universe overflows
  with human promises,
It thrives on ardor,
enthusiasm and youth.
Is it not a garden
to sow the Day!

S. Cécile Allard






Sowers of Love


In the night of canons, a burst of suffering,
The Vendean, standing on his feet,
  moaning in pain.
Who will sacrifice him/herself, 
to build this corner of France,
To offer to the penniless, 
good bread and the flower?


Jean-Maurice Catroux will sow hope;
From the Heart of his God, he draws his zeal.
Rose plants her seed of peace, of deliverance;
They reap fruits of eternal valor.


Today, the wounded are all who are in misery,
In search of support, of being listened to,
  and of tenderness,
What a life project of Love!


coucher de soleil à Pornichet


Sowers of hope and love.