A new group of  animators

For the Daughters of the Charity of the Sacred Heart

of Jesus in July 2013

Election of the General Superior


Meeting in General chapter since July 7, 2013,

the members elected

Sr. Elaine Voyer as general superior of the congregation on July 25, 2013



Sr, Elaine Voyer, of the American Province
Was elected as general superior for a mandate of six years.


Elections of member of the General Council


On July 27, 2013 the members of the General chapter

elected the General Council which,

with Sr. Elaine Voyer is the new administration of the Congregation.







Sr. Anne-Marie Barre, of the Province of France, for a second mandate.


  Sr. Maria-Andree  Huveke, from the Marquise Islands, of the Canadian Province, for a first mandate.


Sr Julie Djago, from Benin of the Province of West Africa that includes Benin and Togo, for a first mandate.



Sr Marie-Anne Louerat, from the Province of France, for a first mandate.




names two other persons who are in the administrative
service to the congregation.


Sr. Therese Bichon, from France, accepted to continue as general secretary for a third term.
Sr. Josette Cernois, from France, accepted to continue as General treasurer for a second term.


the Spirit accompanies them in their new mission!


Echoes of the general Chapter second week

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Let us rise, don’t be afraid! Walk into the future with courage, hope and serenity!